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Close up of Erin Miller outdoors with a mountain in the background.

Featured Friend Friday: Erin Miller

Meet GIS volunteer Erin Miller Erin initially became involved with the TCWC from April-June of this year through the Portland Community College GIS Certificate program. For her community partnership project, she helped to map the locations and catalog the conditions of previously unmapped culverts along the Northeast and West sides of Tryon Creek Natural Area. Today…
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Jackie Brenner standing in a corn field.

Featured Friend Friday: Jackie Brenner

Meet 2016 TCWC Volunteer of the Year Jackie Brenner!   I initially got involved with TCWC in late January 2016. I was working a desk job at a private environmental data firm at the time and wanted to be more connected to the outdoors and the community. I had heard about the unique role of…
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Ruby Buchholtz outdoors wearing a backpack

Featured Friend Friday: Ruby Buchholtz

Some folks donate their time, some their money, and others – their data! This week’s featured friend, Ruby Buchholtz, just finished up a graduate program at Portland State, and worked collaboratively with TCWC as a project partner on her project. Ruby has been involved with TCWC for about a year. She became involved with TCWC…
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Murphy Terrell

Featured Friend Friday: Murphy Terrell

This Friday’s featured friend is a dedicated volunteer! Murphy Terrell has been involved with TCWC for about five years. She often donates use of her truck, and grows native plants at her house to harvest seeds, create root stock and cuttings for TCWC. She saw a need – to share native plants instead of composting…
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Mary Logalbo with a young girl

Featured Friend Friday: Mary Logalbo

Mary Logalbo is a neighbor and organizational partner from the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (WMSWCD). She has been involved with TCWC for the past eight years – volunteering at work parties, participating on the Watershed Council board, on the Council’s Stewardship Committee, and coordinating the Urban Watershed Mentor training that helps TCWC…
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Mikell Warms

Featured Friend Friday: Mikell Warms

  Mikell is a hydraulic/hydrologic engineer by trade, but has volunteered and helped out in the TCWC community with small projects over the last year. He got his foot in the door by showing up to a council meeting and chatting with the board members about his skills/expertise and volunteering to help in any way.…
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Torrey Lindbo standing outdoors with mountains and lake in background

Featured Friend Friday: Torrey Lindbo

Meet TCWC Board President Torrey Lindbo This coming July will be the two year mark for Torrey Lindbo as the TCWC board president.  He has officially been on the board for 3 years, but has been involved with the council since moving to his home along Tryon Creek a little over 5 years ago.  Having spent the past 20 years…
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Adra Lobdell

Featured Friend Friday: Adra Lobdell

Meet TCWC Volunteer Coordinator Adra Lobdell When and how did you get involved with TCWC? I started as the TCWC Volunteer Coordinator in September 2014 as an 11 month term AmeriCorps member. Luckily, TCWC was able to secure funding to hire me on as staff so I stayed on with the organization as soon as my term…
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Two volunteers labeling plants

2016 Planting Season Update

It has been a very busy planting season for TCWC in 2016 (which is why we haven’t been making many blog posts lately)! Since February, we have engaged 125 volunteers in the propagation, planting, and potting of native species. In total, they have planted over 1,800 natives in the Tryon Creek watershed! Here are some photos…
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Bridge over Tryon Creek

Ebay Auction

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are embarking on the holiday shopping season with the much anticipated (and often dreaded) big shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, Giving Tuesday recently emerged as a reaction to the mass consumerism that now surrounds our holiday season. December 1 will be Giving Tuesday, an…
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