Month: March 2021

Watershed 101 with Cedarwood Waldorf students

Not everyone is pictured above, but we had a great, COVID-safe crowd of students, siblings, and parents! Starting last fall, we have been offering our Watershed 101 Workshop programming to online classrooms. We were connected to Cedarwood Waldorf’s teacher by one of the students’ grandparent, a watershed resident who tuned into our online workshop offering…
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12th Annual Watershed Wide Event results!

This past Saturday (3/13/21) was Tryon Creek Watershed Council’s 12th Annual Watershed Wide Event! With several changes related to COVID precautions, we had a great turnout and got a lot of great work done! By the numbers, we had 104 volunteers plant 737 native plants, remove invasive species from 1.1 acre of natural areas, and…
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