Month: May 2023

Plastic Removal work party at LOUCC

A few weekends ago 26 volunteers, from the Green Teams at both Lake Oswego United Church of Christ (LOUCC) and Lake Oswego High School, came together to remove black landscaping plastic that’s been suffocating the soil biome near the tributary to Nettle Creek at LOUCC.  At our work party on the 13th we made a good bit…
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We had a really great time out and about in Tryon Creek State Natural Area this spring, with a group from ORCAS (Oregon Refugee Childrens Assistance Services)! Since 2015, aside from a few pandemic-related years, TCWC has had the honor to welcome young new Portlanders to the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Staff members help…
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Informational links related to Jackson Middle School proposed development

TCWC believes that development related to athletics and watershed conservation can be achieved in tandem with one another. We hope to see a project rooted in community partnership that weighs the importance of natural resource protection and considers the downstream impacts on watershed health. For those interested in respectfully communicating concerns about the proposed project…
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