Month: November 2019

Group of 16 people on a bridge in the forest

Planting at No Ivy Day

Thank you to everyone who joined us alongside Portland Parks & Recreation and Friends of Marshall Park, to plant for No Ivy Day! 15 volunteers helped to plant 100 native shrubs and trees! Why plant on for a region-wide event geared towards stewardship? This summer, Portland Parks & Recreation installed two new bridges in Marshall Park:…
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Illustration of a bat with labeled parts

Batty for Bats! Science Talk Success

What a great time we had, tapping into holiday fun with a Bat Talk at the Lucky Lab! Susan Barnes, Regional Conservation Biologist at the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, busted some bat myths, impressed us with hands-on visuals, and educated us on issues bats are facing today. Did you know that batsโ€™ eyesight…
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