Crayfish in the Creek: Science Talk

Crayfish in the Creek: Science Talk

For our spring Science Talk, Kyla Schmitt (UO ’25) will present findings from her research project on the Tryon Creek watershed’s crayfish populations and habitat conditions. Since September 2021, Kyla has collected data on crayfish populations from various locations throughout the watershed.

This work has been supported by the Northwest Ecological Research Intistitute’s (NERI) Brenda McGowan Award for Neglected Corners and Niches of Ecology, and the University of Oregon’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement’s First Year Research Experience (FYRE) fellowship. Last summer, Kyla also was supported by several community members who volunteered in the field to assist her with data collection.

Tune into this presentation to hear about background and methods, findings and next steps for her work in the Tryon Creek watershed and with TCWC.

Join us on Wednesday, May 31st, on Zoom from 12-1pm. We’ll switch to Q&A’s by 1pm, but may extend Q&A’s to 1:30!

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