Plastic removal work party at LOUCC

Plastic removal work party at LOUCC

Free the soil! At Lake Oswego United Church of Christ

New time: 10am-1pm (Formerly 1pm-4pm, moved due to heat) Saturday 5/13/2023

Join Tryon Creek Watershed Council, Oswego Lake Watershed Council, Lake Oswego United Church of Christ, and the Green Teams at LOHS & Lakeridge HS!  

Meet at 10am at the front lawn at LOUCC (1111 Country Club Rd, Lake Oswego OR 97034)

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The project:

For several decades, ground in front of LOUCC (maybe half an acre up to Country Club Road) has been covered in black plastic with bark chips on top. Over the years, the mulch on top has sprouted lots of weeds, but the soil underneath is effectively dead, suffocated. It was measured to have only 0.9% organic matter. A year after LOUCC removed the black plastic from a test plot and planted native plants, the soil there has 2.7% organic matter. This project intends to uncover all the soil so it can live and breathe and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.  

Volunteer notes:

– Dress in layers for the weather (hats, close-toed shoes you can get muddy, etc.) and bring your own, full water bottle, and snacks if you want.

– LOUCC will provide drinks & snacks, and pizza at noon! 
– Gloves and tools will be provided as we’re able, but if you’re able, please consider bringing your own gloves & tools (particularly flat-edge shovels, or half-moon lawn edgers!)

– Masks are welcomed, and please stay home if you have been exposed, are experiencing symptoms, and/or test positive for COVID-19 (& other illnesses). 

Thank you!! We are excited to bring life back to this soil!