What’s Your Water Why? Here’s Ours

What’s Your Water Why? Here’s Ours

When you share your #MyWaterWhy with the world, you stand up for water and our future as a healthy and resilient state. Tryon Creek Watershed Council is participating in the Oregon World Water Day campaign with Oregon Environmental Council and organizations across the state to elevate the conversation around water and build a collective voice for Oregon’s water resources.

Why? Because if we take clean and abundant water for granted, we have a lot to lose. In the years to come, Oregon will be faced with tough choices about managing our water, balancing what we need today and for the Oregon we hope to pass along to future generations. We have an incredible opportunity in front of us to envision a more sustainable water future.

So, at Tryon Creek Watershed Council, what’s our Water Why?

We are taking part in Oregon’s #WorldWaterDay celebration this week because water is at the heart of our work for cool, clean urban refuge habitat and resiliency in the face of climate change. #OurWaterWhy 

Visit oregonworldwaterday.org to add your #MyWaterWhy to the Oregon map.