Deer-Coyote Invasive Removal

Deer-Coyote Invasive Removal

On Saturday, September 27, 19 volunteers showed up to the confluence of Deer and Coyote Creek (tributaries to Tryon Creek) to help remove invasive periwinkle and ivy. TCWC partnered up with SOLVE for their 30th annual Beach and Riverside Clean Up Event, a state-wide volunteer day to help improve Oregon waterways. We had a variety of volunteers show up, including PBS Engineering and Environmental, Wells Fargo Advisors, and a few neighbors and high school students from the local neighborhood.

After enjoying a brief introduction from SOLVE and TCWC, the volunteers got down to business. Using hand cultivators, our volunteers pulled out invasive ivy and periwinkle. Even with the cloud cover, we were all breaking a sweat. A few hours later, a 60 x 145 foot area of invasives had been cleared. You can see the results in our before and after photos:

Thank you to SOLVE for partnering with us for the event! They hosted a total of  4,700 volunteers state-wide that made the following improvements to Oregon’s beaches, parks, neighborhoods and waterways:

  • Removed 52,200 pounds of trash and recyclable material from beaches, rivers, neighborhoods and natural areas
  • Planted 286 native trees and shrubs in parks, on school grounds and in natural areas
  • Removed invasive non-native vegetation from approximately 3 acres of land

And a big thank you to our hard-working volunteers! They made quite the difference at the Coyote-Deer Creek confluence and it is now ready for some native plants this winter.