Watershed 101 Workshops

Tryon Creek Watershed Council provides this workshop, both indoors and hands-on, for watershed residents, who invite their neighbors, friends, and colleagues to attend.

  • The workshop format is flexible. While we usually host at homes where hosts invite their neighbors and friends, we’ve also given this workshop to schools and businesses. Contact us if you’d like more information.
  • The workshop starts indoors with a one-hour presentation that includes topics like managing stormwater on your property, native and invasive plants, and what individuals can do to steward their watershed. Then, participants head out into the host’s yard to learn proper invasive removal and native planting techniques, working outside for about 2 hours.
  • The site hosts are responsible for recruiting neighbors and colleagues to participate and providing beverages (coffee/tea). Some hosts also choose to provide a small snack like cookies or crackers and cheese or even pizza, but this isn’t expected or required.
  • We provide handout materials, gloves, tools and native plants for your yard. We can bring our own computer and projector for the presentation portion of the workshop.